Live Banner Manager


Live Banner Web Part  v.

The FireArrowOCOs Live Banner Web Part offers an effortless way to display and manage live banners in SharePoint Sites.

AliaWeb Power advertising banner manager  v.1.0



AdMentor PRO

Banner management/rotation system for ASP.NET, MySQL/MSSQL. Supports flash/html/image and textads. Great performance.

Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager

Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager (TATMgr), functions: - Captures starting/ending of Tasks with a single intuitive mouse click - Display all your Tasks in an easy-to-ready hierarchical colored from (see below) - Saves all Task start/end

Live Time and Activity Tracking Manager 2.1e  v.1.0

Have you ever wondered were all your time goes or do you have to keep track of your time professionally?

Effective Live Sounds Find Manager  v.1 3

The program lets you to find and save Online records files from Web via huge array of seek directories to have the greatest effect. The saved files may be played via any digital devices, like cell phone, CD Player etc.

Excellent Live Albums Download Manager  v.1 3

The program aids you to retrieve and keep Online albums files from Web through big array of find engines to get the greatest results. The download music may be played by every digital players, like cell phone, CD Player etc.

Advanced Live Albums Search Manager  v.1 3

This program helps you to search and download Digital records files from Web through big collection of seek portals to find the superior results. The saved audio may be performed via every mp3 devices, like PSP, CD Player etc.

Advanced Live Sounds Locate Manager  v.1 3

The program helps you to find and download Online records files from Internet through big range of search portals to have the better results. This download files can be played by every mpeg players, including PSP, CD Player etc.

Bookmark Manager

Want to manage and open your bookmarks fast and easily? Bookmark Manager is what you need. With live thumbnails instead of the usual text links, it simplifies your work with bookmarks. Now you can open them in seconds, drag and drop, organize in tabs or

Image / Banner Rotator Dreamweaver Extension  v.1.2.3

Image / Banner Rotator Dreamweaver extension is an easy way to add an effective CSS / JavaScript image rotator or banner rotator to your web pages in Dreamweaver. No coding knowledge is required. WYSIWYG editor with a live preview and preset themes.

Pivot Metadata manager  v.2 1

Pivot metadata manager is an user application to create and manage metadata for Pivot collection tool from Microsoft Live Labs.

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